Career Fair Expo

Join us at the exhibitors’ showcase, where a diverse array of participants awaits, including esteemed government agencies, Fortune 500 companies, reputable consultants, leading universities and colleges, and innovative entrepreneurs. This dynamic event will host our 2024 Career Fair: “Elevating Your Career Potential” taking place within the vibrant Exhibit Hall.

The National Training Institute 2024 Career Fair Expo promises to be an unparalleled networking opportunity. Attendees will have the chance to explore a wide range of career prospects and discover the enticing benefits offered by Federal, State, and local agencies, corporate giants, and dynamic players in the private sector. Don’t miss this chance to connect with potential employers and chart your path to success!  Additionally, agencies will participate in the following sessions:

  • Agency Showcase: Explore Career Opportunities
  • Craft Your Career: RESUME Success Workshop
  • Ace Your Interview Masterclass
  • Conduct Interviews on site

These sessions offer a comprehensive platform for job seekers and agencies to engage, learn, and build valuable connections. Join us in equipping attendees with tools for personal and professional growth, enhancing their knowledge in today’s dynamic environment. 

July 8, 2024 @ 6PM EST

BIG Exhibits Expo
Kickoff Session

The purpose of the session is to provide detailed information about the benefits, process, attendee rates, pricing, schedule, Q&A and more.

Craft Your Career

Resume Success Workshop

Offer an interactive session led by your organization's experts to help attendees craft compelling resumes and enhance their professional profiles. Provide personalized feedback and tips.

Ace Your Interview Masterclass

Conduct a mock interview overview to assist attendees in preparing for success. Share insights into common interview questions, skills showcasing techniques, and strategies for leaving a lasting impression. Offer practice sessions and feedback.

Interviews On Site

Participate in on-site interviews to connect directly with job seekers. Showcase your organization's direct hire opportunities, discuss qualifications, and network with potential candidates.

Agency Showcase

Explore Career Opportunities

Host an interactive session where your organization presents employment opportunities, discusses reasons to work with you, provides application procedures, and engages in Q&A. Facilitate direct interaction between job seekers and your organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Career Fair will be hosted in the Exhibit Hall Expo, featuring a dedicated Career Fair Pavilion housing all participating agencies.

Each participating agency will receive an exhibitor booth equipped with one 6ft table, two chairs, a trash can, and access to a shared interview exhibitor booth.  This information is included on the contract.  

Yes, this year we aim to enrich our attendees' experience during the career fair. These sessions are tailored to aid them in advancing their careers. Agencies will select two sessions on the contract.

The Career Fair hours will be the same as the Exhibit Hall Expo.  This information is included on the contract.  

Nikki Ashe

Exhibitor Manager

Farnese Hicks

Exhibitor Co-Manager

Elizabeth Dortch

Marketing & Promotion, Education Fair and On-Site Assistant

Doretha Harrison

Whova and On-Site Assistant

Exhibits Team

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