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Welcome to our comprehensive Blacks In Government (BIG) National Training Institute (NTI) Exhibitor Information hub! Here, you’ll find essential details regarding event logistics, pricing, contracts, and more. We encourage you to explore this page and stay updated for new information. Should you have any questions or concerns not addressed here, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our dedicated Exhibit Team at bigntiexhibits@gmail.com. We’re here to ensure your participation is smooth and successful.

The BIG NTI is a wonderful opportunity to showcase your organization’s talent, service, product, industry updates, and recruit new talent. This exhibition is one of the best places for attendees to gain personal and professional growth, knowledge on current industry trends and the latest cultural and health updates.

July 8, 2024 @ 6PM EST

BIG Exhibits Expo
Kickoff Session

The purpose of the session is to provide detailed information about the benefits, process, attendee rates, pricing, schedule, Q&A and more.

Exhibit Hours

Monday - Grand Opening
Noon - 6PM

9AM - 9PM
(President's Reception 6PM - 9PM)

9AM - 6PM

9AM - 2PM


Tampa Convention Center

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Frequently Asked Questions


Check In and Set-Up:

  • Sunday, August 11th – 9AM– 6PM
  • Monday, August 12th – 9AM – Noon

Exhibit Hours:

  • Monday – Grand Opening, Noon – 6PM
  • Tuesday – 9AM – 9PM (President’s Reception is 6PM – 9PM)
  • Wednesday – 9AM – 6PM
  • Thursday – 9AM – 2PM 

Break Down:

  • Thursday – 2PM – 5PM


This Contract for exhibit space must be signed and dated by a duly authorized agent of the exhibitor. Full payment must accompany the contract. Please make your submission prior to July 31, 2024. A copy of the contract will be returned to you after BIG has confirmed your space assignment. Booths are assigned on a first come, first-served basis to paid exhibitors with priority selection given to sponsors, BIG affiliates and past exhibitors in good standing (most recent years first).


Exhibit booths are 10’x10’ for single space. Additional space is charged in multiples of the 10’x10’ allocation. Space includes back wall, aisle posts and draperies. The back wall is 8’ high with 3’ side partitions. Each unit includes:
  • one 7” X 44” identification sign with company name and booth number
  • two chairs
  • one 6’ draped table and
  • one waste basket.

A receipt will be sent to you after confirmation.


In order to issue a refund (less a $250.00 processing fee), BIG must receive a “written cancellation notice” no later than July 31, 2024 from the authorized manager or authorized organization representative and faxed directly to BIG Attn: Exhibits Manager at (202) 667-3705. No refunds or cancellations will be provided after that date. Confirmed exhibitors who do not display at the NTI are still liable for the entire fee. Space may not be sublet. BIG assumes no responsibility for the inclusion or exclusion of the name of the canceled exhibitor or descriptions of products in the directory, news releases, advertisements, or other materials. No refunds will be issued until 30 days after the NTI for those that are eligible.


The National Organization of Blacks In Government is the sole and exclusive owner of the BIG logo which is a registered trademark. As the organization’s intellectual property, the logo may not be revised or altered and may only be used by an external organization through a licensing agreement with BIG.


Advance rates end on July 13, 2024.  Late rates become effective on July 14, 2024.

Yes the designated Exhibit Hall Decorator will be able to provide an additional table for an additional charge. Prices will be provided once the Exhibitor Kit has been released, which is usually in late July or August.

The exhibit booths are assigned as contracts are received. We will try and accommodate your request but there are no guarantees.

We will provide booth assignments sometime in July but will communicate as we get closer to the NTI Exhibit date.

The discounted rates are for everyone attending the BIG NTI. Please visit the NTI web site for more information and reservations.

Yes we will be using the WHOVA app again this year. Further instructions will be provided.

We will use three platforms to communicate to our exhibitors:

  1. Exhibit Info Page - this page will be utilize to provide general exhibit event information. Please re-visit on a frequent basis.
  2. Exhibit Emails - the team will send out monthly to weekly emails to alert you that the Exhibit Info Page has been updated and reminders. (January - March)
  3. WHOVA - this will be direct communication to PAID exhibitors regarding the exhibit event. (April - August)

We are expecting federal, state, and local government professionals to attend this year’s BIG NTI. Below are the past attendee:

  • 2018 Attendees – 2,306
  • 2019 Attendees –1,783
  • 2022 Attendees – 1,227 
  • 2023 Attendees - 2,080
  1. Contract Completion & Submission
  2. Booth Payment & Confirmation
  3. WHOVA Virtual Booth Confirmation & Set Up

This information is called the Exhibitor Kit. The Exhibit Team will provide the Exhibitor Kit sometime in late July or August. This information is provided by the exhibit hall decorator.

Yes.  More information can be found on the Career Fair Expo page.

To set up your WHOVA Exhibitor Profile, please refer to the following tutorial.

Additional tutorials can be found within the WHOVA app.


  1. WHOVA: Whova is an event management platform that includes exhibitor management, information collection, payment processing, and tools to drive more traffic and leads to your booth.

  2. President's Exhibit Expo Grand Opening: The president is very supportive of our exhibitors and aims to ensure you receive maximum exposure while balancing the primary focus on attendee workshops.

  3. Workshops: Teaching a workshop enhances your brand exposure and can invite attendees to visit your exhibitor booth.

  4. President's Reception: On Tuesday, the Expo will be open from 9 AM to 9 PM in support of the President's Reception which will be located in the Exhibit Expo.  This will provide additional brand exposure for exhibitors.

  5. Booth Activities: Incorporate WHOVA and in-person activities at your booth to increase engagement.

  6. Announcements: The Exhibitor Team will make announcements on the WHOVA app regarding the Passport Contest, Hours, and Expo activities.

  7. WHOVA Passport Contest: [Quick Video Guide](https://whova.com/blog/whova-exhibitor-hub-help-exhibitors-double-booth-traffic-and-generate-more-leads/#:~:text=With%20Whova's%20new%20Exhibitor%20Hub,Whova's%20exhibitor%20%2F%20trade%20show%20solutions

For information regarding shipping, electricity, furniture, and other needs, please refer to https://freemanco.com/store/show/landing?referer=s&nav=02&showID=534052. This information is also provided in your frequent WHOVA email notifications. 

We will be located in the Tampa Convention Center, which offers basic WiFi that may not meet your needs. We strongly advise considering the following options:

  1. Provide your own portable WiFi device.
  2. Purchase a WiFi package through the Exhibitor Kit with Freeman.

The Exhibitor Profile is an opportunity for you to display your company/agency logo, description, contact information, documents, collect leads, share information and live interaction with attendees.  Ensure your Exhibitor's Profile showcases your company in the most attractive and professional manner.  

Nikki Ashe

Exhibitor Manager

Farnese Hicks

Exhibitor Co-Manager

Elizabeth Dortch

Marketing & Promotion, Education Fair and On-Site Assistant

Doretha Harrison

Whova and On-Site Assistant

Exhibits Team

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